Annual Chicago Conference on Futures and Derivatives

EVENT INFORMATION Overview While the economy is slowly recovering from the global pandemic, regulators in the futures and derivatives markets continue to press forward with significant regulatory and enforcement efforts. These efforts will continue to evolve as the new administration takes shape in Washington. In this two-hour seminar, regulators and leading industry professionals will provide … READ MORE

Market Conduct

It is more important than ever that traders learn and abide by the rules of the markets they trade in. Both CME and ICE claim jurisdiction over everyone who accesses their markets.Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. Protect yourself and your traders with the Exchange Analytic’s Market Conduct Course.

Exchange Analytics

Exchange Analytics is offering the newly revised Customer Protection Course and AML Course for 2019. The content is up to date with all the latest regulations and cases included.

Market Conduct

Exchange Analytics, the leading provider of training to the futures and derivatives industry, is now offering an online training program on Market Conduct. This offering is designed to instruct traders and brokers about  CFTC, CME and ICE rules and regulations regarding trading practices such as spoofing and wash sales. In light of all the recent enforcement … READ MORE

EFRP and Block Trades

Exchange Analytics, the leading provider of training to the futures and derivatives industry, is now offering a training program devoted to Block trading and EFRP.  This course, entitled “Non-Competitive Trading Practices” is designed to educate all staff in the requirements at the CME, ICE and ICE Europe.  


Exchange Analytics, has launched a Cybersecurity Training program for the futures and derivatives industry. This 45 minute online course has been designed to satisfy the NFA cybersecurity requirements that went into effect on March 1, 2016. Please contact Exchange Analytics for details.


The NFA recently adopted an Interpretive Notice titled “Information Systems Security Programs” (Cybersecurity Interpretive Notice).  This new NFA policy, which goes into effect March 1, 2016, requires FCMs, IBs, CTAs, CPOs, RFEDs, SDs and MSPs to implement a cybersecurity program in order to meet existing obligations to diligently supervise trading activities. Every registrant will be … READ MORE