The Blame Game

MF Global was a Broker-Dealer/ FCM that speculated in highly leveraged sovereign debt with their proprietary funds. At some point they used their customer segregated accounts to support their proprietary positions. The result was a bankruptcy filing on Oct. 31 that has caused massive hardship to their customers and wreaked havoc on the futures industry.

I’ve spent a great deal of time talking to and listening to people about what went wrong at MF Global and even more time talking to and listening to people about what is wrong with the futures industry. There is a lot of anger and finger-pointing. I recognize that much of the criticism is emanating from those who have lost money. While I sympathize with all those who haven’t yet recovered their funds, I feel it is important to set the record straight and point out some of the realities.

(Originally appeared in Futures Magazine, February 21, 2012)
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